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Preparing and Sending out a Retainer Agreement

After setting up your Retainer Template, you can now generate and send a retainer agreement for your client. Before you proceed, however, it is best to set up your** Retainer Schedule** as well.

Setting Up Your Retainer Schedule

The Retainer Schedule page is where you can store specific details to complete your Retainer Agreements. This is where you can track your professional fees due for the completion of the retainer, government fees, and even taxes.

To go to the Retainer Schedule page, go to "Cases".

Navigate to the Case you want to work on.

Go to "Billing".

Choose "Retainer Schedule".

Click on "Create Retainer Schedule".

Add the Amount, Tax Rate, Description, and when the amount is due.

Once you're done adding details, just click on "Save Schedule".

To add another entry, just follow the same steps above.

Your payment schedule entries and the order in which you add them is important. This order will also be reflected when your Retainer Agreement is populated via the Letter Merge feature. In this example, the value assigned to "Initial Deposit", which is the first entry, will be mapped to the "{{retainer_line_item_1}}" placeholder on your Retainer Template. The same goes for the entries that follow.

Editing Payment Terms

Aside from setting up your Retainer Schedule, you can edit your payment terms as well. To get started, click on the "Edit" icon.

Once you're done assigning values to the different fees, just click on "Save Payment Terms".

Generating a Retainer Agreement

Once you're done setting up your Retainer Schedule and Payment Terms, go back to the Case Menu, and select "Retainer & Letters".

Locate your Retainer Template from the drop-down menu.

Click on "Generate Letter".

If you want to review the Retainer Agreement before sending it out, just click on "View".

To send out the Retainer Agreement, click on "Share".

You can then compose an email for sending out the retainer agreement. Add a Subject Line, an Email Body, and any other details needed. Once you're done, just click on "Send".

Note: You can also use Email Templates when sending out your Retainer Agreement. Just click on "Insert Template" and choose from the drop-down menu that appears.

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