Creating Retainer/Letter Templates
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To create retainer templates, go to “Settings” from the Main Menu.

From the drop-down menu, select "System".

Click on “Templates”, then choose “Retainer & Letters” from the drop-down menu.

Open an existing Microsoft Word Document on your own computer – (e.g., your own Retainer Agreement) and copy and paste the placeholder variables on your document.

You can choose which placeholders you want to add to your documents, just refer to the Placeholder Variables table on the Retainer & Letters page.

Types of Placeholder Variables

You can add Primary Variables like your client’s First and Last Name:

You can also add Financial Variables, like ones for Professional Fees, or your Retainer Schedule fees.

Case File Variables, like a client’s case type and case number, are also available:

Lastly, you can also add Global Variables, like your company name, company address, the agreement date, and many others:

Once you’re done adding all your placeholders to your Microsoft Word Document, upload the document as your new template. Go back to the Retainer & Letters page, then click on “Choose document”.

Find the Microsoft Word Document on your computer, and then click on “Upload”. You’re done!

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