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Creating and Assigning Workflows
Creating and Assigning Workflows
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Using Workflow Templates

Workflow trackers allow you to basically monitor the progress on a particular case before it is submitted to the Government. You can create workflow templates that can be automatically applied to the immigration cases you're working on.

Creating a Workflow Template

To make Workflow Templates, click on "Settings/System" in the left navigation bar.

Once on the next page, click on Templates, and choose Workflow.

You can add a Workflow Category that matches the case types it will be applied to.

After adding a Workflow Category, click on “Add Category”.

Go to “Step 2 – Manage Workflow Steps”, click on “Select Workflow”, and then choose the Workflow Category you added earlier.

After choosing a Workflow Category, click on “Modify Workflow”. You may then begin adding steps to your Workflow.

You can add a Title and a Description to your Workflow Steps.

You can also make your workflow steps visible to only you and your team, just check the “Make Private” button. After adding all the necessary details, you can click “Add workflow item” to add the current step to your Workflow Template.

Note: Clients can only see public workflow steps from the Client Portal.

Once you're done with adding all your workflow steps, go to "Map Immigration Programs", then select the immigration programs you want to associate with your current Workflow Template from the drop-down menu.

Once you’re done, just click on “Save”.

Applying a Workflow Template to a Case

You can now apply your workflow template to your client case/s.

To get started, go to "Cases" on the Main Menu.

Click on "Prospects", and navigate to the case you want to apply the Workflow Template to.

Go to "Workflow Tracker" on the Cases menu.

Select the Workflow Template you want to apply from the drop-down menu, then click on "Assign Workflow".

You may assign either the "Complete" or "In Progress" status to each workflow step on the tracker. After that, you are all set!

Each workflow step’s status has a corresponding color when shown on the tracker - "Complete” steps will be shown in Green, and those "In Progress” will be Yellow.

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