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Creating & Assigning a Document Checklist
Creating & Assigning a Document Checklist
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Creating a Document Checklist Template

You can let your clients know what documents are required for their case by creating checklists that they will have access to via the Client Portal. The checklist also allows you to keep your client files organized based on your pre-defined document template.

To get started, go to Settings > System on the Main Menu.

Then, click on Templates, and choose "Document Checklist".

Enter a category name for your specific checklist. Click on "Add Category".

After adding a category, go to "Step 2 - Add Document Checklists Details", then select the category you want to work on from the drop-down menu.

Click on "Modify Checklist".

After you click on Modify Checklist, this screen will pop-up.

Click on the plus (+) icon and enter the details for each document you want to receive from your client, then click "Add checklist item" and repeat this process until you have added all the documents you need to receive from clients for this particular checklist.

Assigning a Document Checklist to a Client

To assign a document checklist to a client, just navigate to the case you want to work on. Click on Cases > Clients/Prospects > View Case.

Go to Documents > Assign Document Checklists, select the document template you want to assign from the drop-down menu, then click on Assign Document Template. You're done!

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