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Our E-Signatures feature is powered by CaseEasy Sign which allows you to get documents signed faster than ever.

Sign in/Register for CaseEasy Sign

Before you can send out an E-Sign Request, you have to either register or log in to CaseEasy Sign.

To get started, go to Cases on the Main Menu.

You can either go to Clients or Prospects, find the case you want to work on, then click on View Case.

Go to E-Signatures.

You can go ahead and log in to your CaseEasy Sign account if you have one. If you don't, just click on "Register for CaseEasy Sign".

Once you have created/logged in to your account, go back to the Case you were working on in the CRM, and then click on "Begin E-Sign Request".

You will then be taken to the Document Selector, where you will see the list of available documents for your client. You can select all of them, or just choose one for signing. After that, click on "Request E-Signature".

Signee/s Details

In the Sign Request page, the necessary details for the signees like their Name, and Email are automatically populated based on the existing case records - however, you may also enter some of the other information manually if you want.

You can also click on "Show additional fields" to add the signee's role, and to password-protect the document. You can add multiple signees for each document.

After you see the signee added to the list, just click on Next.

Since the documents have been automatically detected due to CaseEasy Sign's integration with the CRM, just click on "Continue".

Using the Document Editor

You will then be taken to the Document Editor, where you can click and drag Signature, Text, and Date fields then place them accordingly on the document:

If you want to collect a payment from your client during the signing of the document(s), you can "Enable Payments" in the Document Editor, choose the currency and the amount, and add a description as well. Once you're done, just click on Save Payment Request.

Be sure to double-check if you have placed all the Signature/Text/Date fields on your document accurately, then click on "Finalize Changes".

Sample Signature and Date Fields on the Finalized Document

Once you have finalized your changes, click on Send.

You have the option to enforce a signing order when you have multiple signees on a document, just check/uncheck this box:

You can also compose Email/SMS messages for your client, or utilize Email/SMS Templates that you can set up in CaseEasy sign, as shown below. After that, just click on "Finalize & Send", and you're done!

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