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Add Forms to a Case Record & Send the Auto-Complete Request
Add Forms to a Case Record & Send the Auto-Complete Request
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The Forms module allows you to access the latest immigration forms, you may also add forms to the case record for the primary and additional applicants. Upon addition of forms to a client case, you may send an auto-complete request to the system to extract the information from a selected questionnaire and populate the immigration forms.

Add and populate forms for the primary applicant and/or related case using the steps below.

  1. Ensure the questionnaire is completed. Recall you may also share the questionnaire with the client for completion.

  2. Navigate to a case record, then click Forms from the top menu bar.

  3. Click on Select Form(s)

Search for forms by first clicking the main immigration category and the corresponding sub-category.

You may also search for forms by the forms code name/code, then click Fetch to load the forms.

  1. Add form(s) to the case for the primary or an additional applicant, by first selecting the preferred questionnaire that is linked to that applicant, from the Applicants dropdown menu, then click Add Forms.

    When adding forms, the name of the questionnaire being requested will be shown along with the applicant’s name. Make sure to use clear, relevant and easy-to-remember names in the Request Type column, when creating questionnaires.

  2. Identify the form you would like to be completed from the Case Forms section and select Autocomplete from the Actions dropdown menu. You’re done!

The questionnaire will be locked for edits after a autocomplete request has been submitted.

You may also choose to select Download from the Actions dropdown menu to manually complete the form.

Upon confirmation from the system that the form has been populated, from the Actions dropdown menu, you may select Share with Client to have the form automatically added to the Client Documents section of the Documents tab and a copy of the completed form will also be added to the Client Portal. This option is handy for requesting client signatures.

Additionally, from the Actions dropdown menu, you may also select Finalize to have the form automatically added to the Government Submissions section of the Documents tab. This section represents all the forms that are ready for export from the CaseEasy platform, then you may upload to the IRCC website on behalf of the client.

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