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How to convert a Prospect to Client
How to convert a Prospect to Client

Convert a Prospect to a Client.

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Convert a Prospect to Client

  1. Click on Clients & Prospects in the next navigation bar:

  2. In the Clients & Prospects page, click on Prospects tab:

  3. Click on the Prospect name to select the prospect you wish to convert into a Client.

  4. Click the corresponding number next to "Cases" to view the assigned cases:

    Note: You need to assign a case to the Prospect before you can convert it into a client. If there is no existing case for the Prospect yet, you should see 0 next to Cases on the Prospect Profile.

    For that, you will need to create a new one before you can proceed. To Create a new case, click on new Case to create and assign a new one.

    All Cases automatically gets created as Prospects. To convert a Prospect to a Client, simply click the Convert to Client button found on the case details page.

  5. On the Prospect's detail page, click on the Cases tab and click on the View button to view the case details:

  6. On the Case Details page, scroll to the middle of the page and click on the Convert Prospect to Client.

You should get a confirmation message with the following:

Note: You may also access the case record from the Cases page.

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