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πŸš€ Below is a list of new updates and feature launches for 2021!

Check back regularly as we add to this page once each update goes live.

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2021-11-20 17:49

πŸ˜ƒ Bonjour!

We are happy to announce that we now support French across all our portals, including the CRM, Client Portal and Website. Check out the new English/French translation option at the top right of any of the pages. These translations are powered by Google Translate.

2021-11-21 05:37

πŸš€ Federal Skilled Worker Scorecard

Try our new FSW Scorecard. To access, your client must first complete the Express Entry Assessment which will automatically calculate their CRS and FSW scores.


2021-10-01 01:14

πŸš€ Assessment Scorecard

Checkout our new Assessment Scorecard for Express Entry Assessments that gives you the breakdown of your client’s CRS scores. To view, go to a newly completed Express Entry Assessment and then click on View Details.

2021-10-04 05:46

⚑ Forms Completion

Starting October 11, 2021, questionnaires with the ⚑ symbol should be used if you will require IMM Forms completion. All other questionnaires should be used only for assessing your clients and will not support forms completion. This will ensure we maintain a high accuracy rate for forms processed.

2021-10-06 18:31

πŸš€ Document Auto-approval

Once you upload a document via the Admin Portal, the status will automatically be set as APPROVED instead of IN REVIEW. Documents uploaded via the Client Portal by default will continue to be flagged as an IN REVIEW status.

2021-10-08 16:14

πŸ“‘ Retainer Agreement - Help Article

We have updated our Helpdesk with new articles for Retainer Agreements.

2021-10-09 15:19

πŸ“Ί Tutorial Videos

We have updated our Tutorial videos, check them out on the Home page.

2021-10-12 08:44

πŸš€ Questionnaire Upgrade - Tables

We now support tables in the Printable View of the Questionnaire to make it easier for you to review historic data such as Travel or Education History. You may also copy and paste tables in Excel when needed to further compile your client history.

2021-10-13 22:11

πŸš€ Questionnaire Upgrade - Scorecard

We have revamped the CRS scorecard and fixed an issue with our French score calculations.

2021-10-15 03:14

πŸš€ Questionnaire Upgrade - Intake

We have upgraded the Questionnaires to now have support for multiple immigration programs such as Family Sponsorship (Spouse/Dependents), Study Permits, PGWP, Work Permit, TR to PR, Visitor Visa and Startup Visa application.

2021-10-16 12:26

⚑ Use of a Representative - Autocomplete

The new IMM5476 Use of a Representative Form autocomplete has been activated.

2021-10-19 13:36

πŸ“Ί Tutorial Videos

Check out our latest tutorial videos on the Home page and learn all about Retainers, CRS Scoring, Workflows, Document Checklists, Email templates and more.

2021-10-22 16:30

πŸ“Ί WordPress Integration Tutorial

Want to integrate our assessment questionnaires on your website, check out the new tutorial video.

2021-10-22 22:47

πŸš€ Questionnaire Upgrade - Temporary Residence

We have launched a new intake questionnaire for Temporary Residence. Use this intake questionnaire to collect details needed for TR applications.

2021-10-26 16:59

πŸ“Ί Calendar Management - Tutorial

Check out our latest tutorial videos on the Home page and learn all about Calendar Management.

2021-10-27 01:37

πŸš€ Invoice Upgrade

To make your life easier, we have enabled credit card payment for invoices by default so you no longer need to remember to turn this feature on per invoice. Happy Billing πŸ˜ƒ

2021-10-28 23:30

🐞 Questionnaire Fixes

We have published an update to address client submission issues. This issue impacted some clients and only a few questionnaire types and update should prevent any future issues.

Please reach out to us via chat support if there are any challenges.


2021-09-22 03:58

🐞 Questionnaire Updates

Our Questionnaires feature has been upgraded to the latest version to address issues with our previous version. We have also simplified the filters so you can easily find your custom questionnaires.

2021-07-14 20:31

πŸ• Scheduled Maintenance

Due to a schedule server upgrade, our services may be temporarily offline between 6pm-8pm EST today, Tuesday, Sep 28, 2021

2021-07-14 23:03

πŸ• Scheduled Maintenance - Complete

All our servers have been updated and restored.


2021-08-14 22:36

πŸš€ Retainer Report

Track all your retainers and outstanding payments using the new Retainer Reports found under the Reporting menu.


2021-07-05 06:00

πŸš€ Data Import Wizard

Upload Prospects and Clients in just three (3) easy steps using our new Data Import Wizard. Use this tool to import prospects collected via Social media, your website or any other channel. Simply add them to an Excel Spreadsheet, then import them to your account. To get started, go to Settings/System then click on Data Import Wizard.

2021-07-12 04:19

πŸš€ E-Signatures Integration

Try our new E-Signatures software, CaseEasy Sign today. Simply go into a case, then select E-Signatures and follow the steps.

2021-07-14 20:31

πŸ• Scheduled Maintenance

We have a scheduled maintenance today July 14, 2021 at 6:30pm EST, this may result in some services being offline for a few minutes. This update should last for 30-45 minutes.

2021-07-14 23:03

πŸ• Scheduled Maintenance - Complete

We have completed our scheduled maintenance.

2021-07-29 18:18

πŸ“ Reporting Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to help us with your reporting requirements.


2021-06-09 08:29

πŸš€ Embedded Questionnaires

Your website embedded questionnaires have been migrated to the new questionnaires. To view your embedded questionnaires, visit Settings/System then Integrations/Website.



πŸš€ Questionnaire Tabular View

Try the new tabular view to read through client questionnaire responses faster!


⚠️ Temporary public policies - Graduates Stream

Recent changes were made to this stream and some of the requirements clause were updated. Please review the latest.


βœ”οΈ Call for Participants - FX/Wire Transfers

We are embarking on a new initiative to support international forex wire transfers to help you get paid faster and more cost effective for both you and your clients.


🐞 Questionnaire Updates

Removed footer on questionnaires and fixed issue with radio buttons not being selectable. Feel free to let us know if you experience any issues with the new questionnaires.


⚠️ Case Details Page Offline!

The Case Details page is temporarily offline and should be restored momentarily.


⚠️ Case Details Page Restored!

The Case Details page is back online, a root cause analysis is being conducted.

2021-05-18 16:48

πŸ“ Root Cause Analysis

Today the Case Details page went offline and was restored shortly after being detected, our preliminary review suggests that due to some recent upgrades, some of our modules no longer operated as expected due to some conflicts with library versioning. We are working on implementing the necessary procedures to mitigate any future recurrences.

2021-05-18 19:25

πŸš€ Calendly makes scheduling easy!

Try our new Calendly integration today and start accessing your appointments via CaseEasy. To get started, go to your Settings page, then go to Integrations/Calendly and then follow the steps provided. This is a beta release version, we are working on adding more features later this week to this integration, so stay tuned. Let us know your experience.

2021-05-20 07:11

πŸš€ Calendly - Upgrade!

We now show you any questions and answers your clients provided in the Calendly view. Try the new Calendly integration today!

2021-05-26 17:00

πŸ“‘ Applicants tab renamed

We have renamed the Applicants tab to Questionnaires to make it easier to identify the questionnaire feature from the case details page.

2021-05-31 16:06

❓ Helpdesk Support

We have launched our new helpdesk to provide you the help you need in easy to follow steps. To access, navigate to the Home page, then click on Learning Resources.



πŸš€ Outstanding documents tracker

Now you can track outstanding documents right from the cases page. Once you have sent a document checklist to your client, track the percentage complete from the cases page and hover over the percentage to see total outstanding and move cases along faster!


πŸš€ New Questionnaire Builder and Forms

Check out the new Questionnaire Builder found in your Settings. You can create all types of questionnaires and assessments with ease! Be sure to use our default questionnaires when possible, we should be releasing other assessments in a few days and PNP Assessments are on the way, so stay tuned!


⚑ Search Upgrade

Now you can trigger search just by tapping the Enter key from your keyboard instead of clicking the Search button with your mouse. Try it today!


πŸš€ Shareable Questionnaire

Use the new shareable questionnaire links directly in email campaigns or integrate on your website, social media or other forums to collect prospects data with ease. To get started, navigate to the Questionnaire Builder under your Settings page. Try it today!


βœ”οΈ Quick Poll - PNP Assessments

We want to hear from you, what PNP assessments do you need the most?


πŸ’Ž Cases Filter Upgrade

The cases page now defaults to your Active Clients. To view Prospects, click the Prospects filter at the top of the page.


πŸ’Ž Retainer + Taxes Upgrade

Retainers generated using the Retainer Schedule now adds the total taxes charged per line item.


πŸ’Ž Workflow Upgrade

Workflows flagged as hidden will now be displayed in the Admin Portal and will only be hidden on the Client Portal.


πŸ’Ž Assign Questionnaire

To assign a questionnaire, use the new Assign Questionnaire feature from the Cases dropdown option.


πŸ“‘ Admin manual update

We have added version 4.4 of the latest admin manual. Grab your copy from the Help Center today!


πŸ”‘ Secure Access Link – Client Portal

To make it easier for your clients to access the Client Portal, we have now created a secure access link that your clients can use to easily access their Client Portal without typing in a password.

The secure link is sent to your client’s registered email address and expires after 24hrs giving them enough time to use the Client Portal.

This new password-less approach eliminates the need to reset passwords for clients and provide a better user experience when accessing the Client Portal.


πŸ”’ Client Portal - Secure Link

We have replaced passwords with secure sign-in links that your clients can easily request from the Client Portal to gain access. Read more in our previous post.


Reset Password Feature - Update

The Reset Password feature has been replaced with secure access links that your clients can request from the Client Portal.


πŸš€ View As Client - NEW

Now you can easily access the Client Portal using the new View As Client link at the top right of the Profile page. Only available to Administrator role.


πŸ“§ How to send Client Access Link?

Once you are on the Case Details page, ensure you are on the Profile tab, then scroll to Client Portal Manager, you will now see a link to Client Access Link, click it and follow steps.



πŸš€ System Upgrades

Check out our latest updates: Case sorting, advanced search and filters, corporate case merger and more. Our Questionnaire Builder can be found in your Settings page, we will be releasing our base questionnaires in a few days that will be replacing our existing Assessment Questionnaires. Stay tuned!


πŸ‘€ Menu Changes

Looking for EE, FSW or BC PNP Scorecards, Related Cases, Intakes or Assessments? Find them in the new Legacy Features section in the Case on the left menu.


πŸš€ Case Tags

Now you can easily find all your tags from your Cases dashboard.


⚑ Page Speed

Have thousands of case records? You may experience faster page load times due to our recent upgrades! Let us know your experience.


πŸš€ Search Upgrade

Partial name search is now supported. Simply type any portion of the name to search!


Client Portal Link

Find the Client Portal link in the top Actions menu.



πŸš€ Google Docs Integration

Now you can edit your letters and retainers using our new Google Docs Integration. Simply go to Retainers & Letters, then click Edit from the Action menu of the document you wish to edit, then make changes and save, it's that simple. Ensure your MS Word Templates are saved as MS Word Docx version.


🐞 Google Docs Fixes

If you experienced an issue editing your Letters/Retainers using the new Google Docs editor, we have released an upgrade to fix the issues.


Documents Naming Upgrade

The My Documents folder has been renamed to Admin Documents, the CIC Submissions Library has been renamed to Government Submissions.



Forms Management

Our Forms feature has been updated and now includes PNP and Express forms.


Telegram Connect

Try our new Telegram Connect feature today to communicate with clients.


Email Viewer Upgrades

Email Viewer now supports highlighting of selected message in view pane, deletion of tags and search bar now searches Subject, Body and To/From fields at the same time to give you better search results.


Reports Upgrade

Export your Client/Trust Account and Invoice transactions in CSV/Excel format using our upgraded Reports feature.


Client Portal - Site ID

Your clients will no longer be required to input the Site ID to gain access to the Client Portal, provided they are using the authorized link(s) found in your Website Integration Settings page.


Expiry Dates - Upgrade

Expiry Dates have been renamed to Important Reminders and now allows you to add your own custom reminder messages.


Advanced Exports Tool - Upgrade

Now you may apply a filter by Case Status e.g Prospect, Active, Submitted etc. for your Excel/CSV exports.


Forms Upgrade

We have upgraded our forms module and now include over 400 Federal, Provincial, Quebec, Service Canada, Citizenship and Refugee forms in English and French. This upgrade is still under review, any issues, please contact us via live chat.


Cases View Upgrade

We have removed Assessment, Notes, Intake and Delete action buttons from the Cases listing and have placed them in a drop down menu for a more streamlined interface.


Bulk Upload Upgrade

Control whether you want your clients to upload documents via bulk uploads by enabling the Bulk Uploads option using the Client Portal Manager found on their case.


Clients/Prospects Upgrade

We have added the case type on the Client Card view to make it easier for you to identify the case type without having to open the details view.


πŸ₯³ Questionnaire Builder

We are launching our Questionnaire Builder in a few days. Stay tuned!

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