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Zapier Integration

How to Create Zapier Integration

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For this specific tutorial, you will learn how to set up Zapier integrations to create new Prospects on the CaseEasy CRM.

To properly integrate Zapier integration on CaseEasy CRM, make sure you have generated an API and also created your own Zapier account.

To view or generate your Zapier API from the CaseEasy CRM, go to Settings > System > Integrations > Zapier:

Your API Code should show up if it's your first time to use the Zapier integration:

Please take note of your API key and save it somewhere secure. Generating a new API Key will break any other Zapier integrations you had already created for your firm and will need to be reconfigured at Zapier.

If you do not have any Zapier account yet, please visit this link to sign up for a Zapier account.

Once you have signed up for an account, click on Create Zap on your Zapier dashboard:

Start by selecting the app you wish to integrate to the CaseEasy CRM via the Zapier integration:

In the Action section, select CaseEasy as the app:

Select “create contact” from the event dropdown list:

Sign in your CaseEasy account by clicking on the “sign in” button:

A new window will pop up asking you for your API key and the CaseEasy Site ID:

To view or generate your API, go back to the Zapier Integration page on your CaseEasy CRM dashboard.

Copy paste the API key to the pop up window from Zapier:

Below are some examples on how to use other application/ software to transfer data into CaseEasy via Zapier:

Google Spreadsheet

1. Create a Google Sheet file that will serve as your live document for import

2. Ensure you have headers in your file, and you can add more column headers as you like (ex: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Subject, Message, Referral Source)

3. In the Action section of your Zapier dashboard, Fill in the required fields with the appropriate data matching that in Google Sheets. Click on Continue to text the Zap:

4. After testing the zap, you will see that a contact (which will be seen under the All and Prospects tab) will be added to CaseEasy:

The new contact will also be added on the Cases page:

5. Once the test Zap is completed. Publish Zap:

6. Go to Zapier>Transfers to see your data:

Anytime you add a new contact in your Google Sheets file, click the refresh button on Zapier and it will automatically be added to your transfers list

7. Refresh to confirm that the newly added data is added to your CaseEasy Dashboard's Prospects tab:

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