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Client Portal 2.0 Overview πŸ’Ž
Client Portal 2.0 Overview πŸ’Ž

Learn how to navigate through the new version of the Client Portal (CaseCloud 2.0)

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Our new Client Portal 2.0 has made significant improvements in the following areas:

  • Enhanced Security & Login Options: Your clients may sign into their Client Portal using a secure link sent to their registered email or may sign in using the traditional username and password. Our enhanced security feature reduces bots and brute force attempts resulting in a more secure experience for your clients.

  • Welcome Message: Your firm's fully customizable welcome message is displayed as clients sign in.

  • Online Payments: Your client's will get a much better payments experience with our enhanced and more secure online payments gateway powered by your Stripe and LawPay accounts;

  • Cases: Multiple cases are listed on the new Cases screen.

  • Multiple Applicants: Cases with multiple applicants will have an Applicants dropdown filter to switch between the various applicants on the case. In an upcoming feature, each applicant will be able to sign into the portal to view their specific details.

  • Workflows: Keep your clients up to date with their case progress using the workflows feature and significantly reduce client inquiries.

  • Documents: Documents are now segmented into two(2) sections:

    • Required Documents - represents all the documents that you requested from clients based on a Document Checklist;

    • Documents Received - Contains the documents you shared with client.

    πŸš€ We've made documents uploads even easier, with our new drag and drop feature to upload single or bulk documents with real-time progress feedback.

  • Document Notes: Notify clients of any missing details in their submitted documents using our document notes feature. You may also flag documents as Approved or Not Approved if it does not meet the requirements.

  • Forms: Immigration forms shared with clients will be in this section.

  • Questionnaires: Questionnaires that are used to conduct assessments or gather data for immigration forms are located in this section. In the event your client self-enrolls to the Client Portal, they will be presented with a link to your Assessment Questionnaires.

  • Reminders: Reminders such as appointments and expiring documents will appear in this section.

  • Messages: Your clients will be alerted once you send them a new message which they can view in their new inbox. They may also respond to messages;

  • Transactions: We've made significant improvements with the new Transactions module, now your clients can track their Client Trust Account balances and make payments online via your selected payment gateway i.e Stripe/LawPay.

    • Client/Trust Account will show the amount, date, and method of deposit or withdrawal.

    • Multi-currency support: You may now see all the various currencies in the Transactions section.

  • Mobile friendly: The new mobile view makes navigation easy on any mobile device;

We hope your clients enjoy the new Client Portal experienceπŸ˜ƒ

Enhanced Security & Login Option

More options to provide your clients access to their records when they need it from any mobile device, anywhere in the world.

πŸ’‘ Remember to upload your background image and company logo in your Settings to give your clients a more personalized experience.

​Recommended background photo size: 1400 x 840

With our enhanced security features, rest assured that your client records are protected from bots and brute force attempts using our automated bot detection.

Welcome Message

Your Firm's Welcome message now has a new design with all your social media links and contact details.

Payments Gateway

Share your payment link with clients to collect payments with ease.

Print-friendly invoice

Our new invoice format is print friendly and captures all the details needed for the client's case.


The Cases view displays all the client's case files as depicted.

Mobile view

Your client's will have a better mobile experience with Client Portal CaseCloud 2.0.


The new Client Portal is a single dashboard with all the feature so that your clients can access all their relevant data with ease.


Your clients may track the stages of their case in real-time using the workflow tracker you assigned to their case.

Clients may review all the stages to see what's completed and what's coming next which will significantly reduce their anxiety and save you time from sending emails about their case progress.

πŸ’‘ Ensure to hide workflows meant only for your internal processing and share the ones you believe would be most useful to your Clients.


The transactions module has both Invoices and Client/Trust Account that clients can easily switch between to view their data along with multi-currency support in case you charge clients in different currencies.

Quick Guide
To Select Cases there are two options:

  • Select Another Case drop-down menu:

  • Drop-down menu option on the upper right portion of the Case Details:

πŸ’‘ If there are multiple applicants under the current case, you should see them under

"Current Applicant"

To Filter Required Documents / Documents received, you may use the Filter option:

How to enable the new Client Portal?

  • Navigate to your System Settings and then go to Integrations > Website

  • Copy the new login URL and assessment URL

  • Update your website with these new links

  • Review this tutorial on how to integrate the Assessments into your website

Note: This upgrade is not included in the legacy Pay as You Go plan.

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